Margolin Musings

Happy New Year

A musician at the Niagara Falls Blues Festival asked me how the year was going. Put that way, I realized 2017 was actually my best year ever. Along with concerts and festivals I did a wide array of a…

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Time Travel

Time travel again! On May 19th the Bob Margolin Trio played a reunion of bands and fans who used to enjoy two great clubs from the early 1980s in Washington, DC -  Desperado’s and The Wax Museum. At the Birchmere…

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The Last Waltz 40 Tour - Part 2

I am thrilled that the next part of The Last Waltz 40 Tour will feature 2 more musicians from the 1976 original Last Waltz: Garth Hudson from The Band and Dr. John. Garth will be on the Texas and California…

Hail Hail Rock n' Roll!

Chuck Berry passed away March 18, 2017. The loss is now, the healing and redemption is in his music. In the 1970s I saw him sit at Muddy Waters' feet playing Robert Johnson licks Chuck Berry-style. Muddy approved as… Read more

Grammy Reflections

As the Grammy excitement was going on, I was working on recording guitar parts for an interesting project at home, deep in a world of guitar, creating original parts that complement the songs, and focused on it completely. Now I’ve…Read more

Blues Music Awards

I hope you’ll join The Blues Foundation — they really do uplift and reflect the soulful Blues Music we love.

My 2017 Blues Music Award nominations are: 

• Traditional Blues Album - My Road 

• Traditional Blues Male Artist 


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What Goes Around

A couple of years ago I sold the guitar I used in the original Last Waltz. Last night my friend Cameron Williams who bought it brought the guitar to our Last Waltz 40 show in Red Bank, New Jersey. I…

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The Last Waltz 40 Tour

I enjoyed experiencing the IBC by Facebook. I’m glad so many of you had a good time with the Blues we love. Thanks to those who performed and came out for the VizzTone Label Group Showcase at the Rum Boogie. …

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