Photo Galleries


My father always enjoyed photography, had a big camera that opened at the top and he looked down into it for a viewfinder. He had a darkroom in a large closet. I had a basic course in 35 mm photography in college, but on the road in the 1970s, I brought the most portable cameras, a Kodak Instamatic with disposable flashbars, or a Polaroid SX-70, which took surprisingly sharp photos and they developed about a minute after popping out of the front of the camera. Over the years, friendly folks have given me photos of me playing, but because I am a player, I have access for backstage and travel shots of musicians that even pro music photographers rarely get. Today’s tiny digital cameras are convenient because they fit in a pocket and take good, sometimes great, quality shots quickly with automatic settings.

They are some of my favorites of those I took in the 1970s, often featuring and dedicated to Muddy Waters and Pinetop Perkins, both gone now.

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