From the first song, Bob Margolin proves he’s one of the best guitarists around in ANY blues genre. This release is a primer for how to play blues guitar in 2016.  (A.J. Wachtel/Blues Music Magazine)
Firing on all cylinders, Bob Margolin and his three-piece band shine on 'My Road'…his fretwork is marked by tastefulness and restraint…Margolin's guitar genius alone is a reason to purchase 'My Road.'" (Stephen A. King/Living Blues)
(My Road) It is … an album of confidence and joy, played with spark and deep emotional power. … With its mix of blues styles, top drawer musicianship and sparkling production, My Road is a first class slab of modern blues and is highly recommended. (Rhys  Williams/Blues Blast Magazine)
My Road is a delight for the way the 66-year-old articulates the enduring power of the music and the joys and struggles of life as a bluesman. There's no self-pity, lots of good humor, and deep feeling enhanced by the bare-bones accompaniment.  (Nick Cristiano/Philadelphia Inquirer)
every bit as vibrant and in synch with the blues as he ever was…Bob shows his versatility here with his songwriting, guitar playing...A very solid disc." (Bob Gottlieb/No Depression)
The term blues guitarist has been so abused and misused, that when the real player comes along, it sounds like a jaded cliché to utilize it. Bob Margolin is a blues guitarist…trademark bursts of genius...He is the rare musician who has achieved the respect of his peers playing the music he loves, the blues, and only the blues. As the often colorful lyrics on 'My Road' describe, he has graced the stages with the best in the business and earned the right to be called a blues guitarist. (James Nadal/All About Jazz)
a real winner of an album that draws upon his Chicago blues influences and more. My Road features Margolin with some really hot-licked solos, as well as his deep-throated baritone vocals...My Road is a musical journey, for sure, and has enough energy, creativity, and vigor to steer clear of a beaten path. (Tom Henry/Toledo Blade)
After nearly 50 years of playing the Blues, Margolin should be bestowed with the 'icon' title. He's not just a link to many blues artists now gone from this world…but continues to breathe new life into the genre. Be sure to follow Margolin down his own personal Blues Highway by repeatedly listening to 'My Road'. You won't regret it. (Bill Mitchell/BluesBytes)
Just like the Dos Equis beer commercial 'the most interesting man in the world'; Margolin just might be the most interesting man in the blues. (Richard Ludmerer/Making A Scene)
Margolin...has established his legacy with hard work, tough melodies, sizzling guitar work, and thousands of performances. My Road is an album that demands the attention of anyone interested in the blues.  (David Bowling/Cashbox)
Bob Margolin is at the peak of his considerable powers on this impressive set! (Mick Rainsford/Blues In Britain)
Margolin's road trip is a journey any blues man would be proud to claim and one most wish they had. It's a privilege to be hitchhikers along for the ride. (Grant Britt/No Depression)