Bob Margolin - Deep Blues

Bob Margolin is prominent in today’s Blues scene. He tours worldwide at festivals, concerts, clubs and workshops.  

His self-titled album reveals the latest from the 2017 Blues Music Award winner for Best Male Traditional Blues Artist. Set for release on October 12, 2018 by the VizzTone Label Group (Bob is a founding partner), six new original songs are his Blues for today’s world. He also interprets nine songs he learned “back in the day” from his legendary friends Muddy Waters, The Band, Johnny Winter, Jimmy Rogers, Snooky Pryor, Pinetop Perkins and James Cotton.

Bob played and sang every note, produced, recorded and mixed this album.

In 2018 and 2019 Bob will be performing:  
• with the Bob Margolin Trio   
• with the Bobs of the Blues - Bob Corritore & Bob Stroger   
• Guesting with other bands, making a stronger billing than separately   
• Solo

Bob leads Mannish Boy from Last Waltz 40 tour: YouTube Video 
“Heaven Mississippi” video from My Road: YouTube Video 

From 1973-‘80 Bob played guitar in Muddy Waters’ band, appearing on all the albums Muddy made then and at special shows like The Last Waltz. Since 1980, Bob performs his own songs, but still honors his historic and personal connection to Muddy Waters.  

"After nearly 50 years of playing the Blues, Margolin should be bestowed with the 'icon' title. He's not just a link to many blues artists now gone from this world…but continues to breathe new life into the genre. Be sure to follow Margolin down his own personal Blues Highway by repeatedly listening to My Road. You won't regret it." (Bill Mitchell/BluesBytes)

Watch Bob Margolin's New Music Video for "Mercy"

GuitarPlayer is thrilled to bring you the premiere of blues guitarist Bob Margolin's music video for "Mercy." The video was produced by filmmaker Scott Rosenbaum of Red Hawk Films (Sidemen: Long Road To Glory, Perfect Age of Rock ’n’ Roll).

New Bob Margolin Release Available Now!

From the producers of Sidemen: Long Road To Glory

Red Hawk Films
Video of "Mercy"

World Premiere Track From Bob Margolin “Head Held High”

“Steady Rollin'” Bob Margolin. A name that rings through the annals of blues history as loudly as it does today. From his time as Muddy Waters’ right hand, to his solo blues work as guitarist, producer, journalist and more, Bob has seen and done it all. 

On Friday, October 12th, 2018, Margolin releases a self-titled album via VizzTone, the label he helped create. Bob Margolin contains the bluesman’s interpretations of nine songs he learned direct from the masters back in the day. Tunes from Waters, The Band, Johnny Winter, Jimmy Rogers, Snooky Pryor, Pinetop Perkins and James Cotton all grace the album. There are also six brand new Margolin originals that make this as much a contemporary blues album as a classic one. 

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Rock and Blues Muse Featured Song

Bob Margolin Interview – Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter – Everyone Loves Guitar #247

Bob played with Muddy Waters for 7 years and he talks about how he connected with Muddy in the first place, at age 24… how he wound up working with Johnny Winter, and some cool stories about both of these experiences. Bob is a total blues purist, attracted to the “power, depth, and sensuality” of the music…

How his parents were tremendous role models for him… his favorite amp and guitar… his biggest mistake… and why “animals” make his life complete. Cool conversation with an absolute blues legacy:


Bob Margolin Joins American Music Educator's

American Blues Musician, Bob Margolin, joins the American Music Educators's roster of qualified teachers including Gaye Adegbalola, Guy Davis, Phil Wiggins and Corey Harris.

American Music Educators is a curated group of professional artists/educators who speak about the craft of writing, recording and performing American music.  Our professionals focus on nurturing American music history, the evolution of music styles, instruments, songwriting, civil rights, theater and state presentations and more through interactive presentations that educate on subject matters and social engagements that surround our American culture.

American Music Educators’ are rich storytellers whom interact in an engaging format and are adept at speaking to all age groups. All have honed the talent of teaching as much as the art of performing.  All are experienced in collegiate education and are experts in the field of American music.

Whether it’s discovering the past, the present or the future, American Music Educators’ are qualified. American Music Educators are here to provide programs that educate whether already written or designed just for you.

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Bob Margolin Educator Onesheet (PDF)

Worldwide Release Heaven Mississippi Video

Blues Music Magazine Music Video
Featuring Bob Margolin

In 2013, my friend Terry Abrahamson wrote “Heaven Mississippi” and asked me to make a demo for B.B. King.  Sadly, we realized that B.B. might not record again.  I loved Terry’s song and changed his lyrics to reflect my life and experiences rather than B.B.’s.  I recorded it for “My Road."  It’s about…well, you’ll hear it and see it, but it scares me to say it.

Scott Rosenbaum and Jasin Cadic were bringing their exquisite film “Sidemen - The Long Road to Glory” to the Pinetop Perkins Workshops and showed it in June in Clarksdale. They conceived a video for "Heaven Mississippi" and we shot it in Clarksdale.  I believe the video elevates my and Terry’s song way beyond the music and you will judge that for yourself.