"I want to move and entertain you, make you laugh, fill your heart or break it with my music and the stories in my songs. Come ride My Road with me."

All The Best To You and Yours In the New Year!!

A musician at the Niagara Falls Blues Festival asked me how the year was going. Put that way, I realized 2017 was actually my best year ever.  Along with concerts and festivals I did a wide array of a Last Waltz 40 year celebration tour, workshops, story & music & jam “Evening With” shows, went to Europe a few times, played with my band, and guested with other bands.  I played with old and new friends, young prodigies and even played with some of my musical heroes.

Now I’m home working harder than I do on the road: recording guitar parts for other artist’s songs, finishing an instructional book on slide guitar and creating a new album from scratch with the songs in my heart, an old mic, an older guitar and amp, and classic and modern recording equipment.

I enjoyed my Blues lover friends and meeting nice folks at every gig.  THANK YOU for sharing our love of music in 2017.  I want to do more of the same in 2018.  In the next few days I’ll be posting some happy memories and I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

New Year's Eve - First Night Raleigh

Bob Margolin is counting down to 2018 at First Night Raleigh this year!  Get your $11 All Day Pass or $50 VIP Pass for the biggest New Year’s Eve Party in North Carolina on December 31, 2017! We’ll be there at the Vintage Church from 7:30-10:30PM, so bring your friends and come out and join us downtown at First Night Raleigh as we share an evening of live music, art, comedy, theatre, the famous Acorn Drop and more!
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Worldwide Release Heaven Mississippi Video

Blues Music Magazine Music Video HEAVEN MISSISSIPPI Featuring Bob Margolin

In 2013, my friend Terry Abrahamson wrote “Heaven Mississippi” and asked me to make a demo for B.B. King.  Sadly, we realized that B.B. might not record again.  I loved Terry’s song and changed his lyrics to reflect my life and experiences rather than B.B.’s.  I recorded it for “My Road."  It’s about…well, you’ll hear it and see it, but it scares me to say it.

Scott Rosenbaum and Jasin Cadic were bringing their exquisite film “Sidemen - The Long Road to Glory” to the Pinetop Perkins Workshops and showed it in June in Clarksdale. They conceived a video for "Heaven Mississippi" and we shot it in Clarksdale.  I believe the video elevates my and Terry’s song way beyond the music and you will judge that for yourself.

New Book in the Works: Chicago Blues Slide Guitar

Bob, Muddy Waters and Eric Clapton - 1978
Photo taken by Patti Clapton with Bob's Polaroid camera
Bob and Eric play Muddy Waters like  a Chicago Blues Slide Guitar, which is the subject of Bob Margolin’s next instructional book/DVD for the Hal Leonard Corp.   After the critical and sales success of Chicago Blues Rhythm Guitar, the Complete and Definitive Guide from 2015, Bob and co-author Dave Rubin will reveal the magic of this style of playing.  Bob’s experience, stories, and filmed demonstrations of the slide playing will open the door to one of the signature sounds of blues music.  Look for the book in 2017.